service and support


Support efficient, one of the main concerns when choosing a software customers. For this purpose, a team of experts, professional and moral to maintain the sanctity and peace of mind we have brought together customer. We recognize and support the important topic in the survival're always working hard around the clock to bring differentiated services and new clients.

Some support services

Removing ambiguities telephone users, remote and in-person

Support single contact in case of trouble as soon as you can get answers to your questions.

User comments

You can jot down your comments, suggestions or needs support unit to share with us, as soon as possible to deal with them. One of the main goals of keeping your continued support.

Periodic follow-up

Support Team Member activities and how they work according to a timetable to review and identify the problems and their needs.

Update Software

Software support is always developing and updating. Experts support the latest features to inform you and give you the necessary training in this regard.

Contact Support

After-sales service in non-office hours and on holidays ( 9 to 12 ) : 09104445850 - 54 

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