Ability to view the status of a particular Courier or the Courier moment, also allows you to view all the tracks in daytime and reports associated with it.
The "Report" "over-sell" the fever "Total sales" filter "is bigger than the" select and enter that amount, all customers who purchase select varieties were higher than listed. From the top of the left select "Sign Off" is selected and discounts to our terms.
In order for both the hall and the hall subscribers, subscribers, in person and online. However, the Caller ID is activated and an order for subscribers only subscribers of the screen should be used.
Port Caller ID may be removed. Usb cable may be displaced. Baud Rate it may have changed.
Yes we can all orders even when disconnected tablet systems (power failure) did and then send the Correlating this all invoices into the system.
Yes. Click on the Print design options and features on this page allows you to edit and redesign all prints available in both 8 cm, 6 cm, A4, etc. are available.
Ability to define and support of printers is unlimited.
Given that the application has the ability to " delivery management " is the delivery power to the debtor or creditor and the account balance at any moment to take a report or printing.
Enter parts of Close Fund become available and after reviewing the report or print it, the withdrawn amount of the Fund has entered and click the Submit button.
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